Facebook Adds Photo Album Feature to Its Arsenal

Facebook continues to reinvent itself by adding new features to attract personal and business users to the popular social networking site. Facebook recently added a new group component, Community Pages to the mix. You can read it about it here.

Facebook’s latest acquisition, Divvyshot is certain to be a popular goodie. Divvyshot is a San Francisco based, barely one-year old start-up which provides an online photo album service. Divvyshot allows multiple users to upload pics and create a single photo album organized around a single event or subject.

For example, personal users who are the family shutterbugs this will be a bonus. Everyone taking pictures at a family event, say ‘Grandma’s 80th Birthday Party’ can upload pictures to that specific album on Facebook; thereby creating a photo hub to which others can contribute.

Divvyshot is expected to make the move by June.