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I work as a New Media & Marketing Consultant and Vocalist.

Learn More About So…Sharon

I am a polymathic blogger.

I am advocate of feminism, especially interests affecting women of color.

I love my dog.




  1. Hey Kelly,
    How are you? The last time we visited home, We decided to stop by the Anchor Bar and surprise you, there was Latin Music that evening! Tthe wings were great but of course we missed you. Your blog is very insigthful. I am very pleased for your many accompishments. Truly I am not surprised about your Cyber accomplishments. 🙂 You owned a Laptop when most of us weren’t computer literate. I’d love to share your news on my blog Let me now.. Please be in touch. We think of you often. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. I think you would enjoy talking with Christine Carr, the Executive Director of the organization. She is involved with many programs such as teh workshops you talked about. Please tell her I referred you.

  3. Hi Sharon,

    My name is Ramona. I was at tonight’s event at the Burchfield. I asked one of the last questions about promoting alternate perspectives of underrepresented populations. I want to know that I respected and appreciated your response. It was very real and hit to one word… empowerment.

    I am the (somewhat absent, but current) chapter leader of Buffalo Webgrrls. I am looking to build up some new momentum in early 2010. One of my goals for this group was to get more comradery and networking opportunities for women already “in” technology, but specifically to gain more representation from minority women.

    Would you be interested in meeting (perhaps at the Campus House) and discussing women and technology and their place in Buffalo?



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