Eat Be Fat. Drink Be Skinny. The Health Odyssey

“Sharon, you look great, have you lost weight?”
“Thanks, I’ve lost 10 pounds.”
“Really? How did you do it?”
“I drink a glass of merlot for lunch and dinner.”
“What do you eat with the wine?”
“Oh no, I don’t eat anymore; I just drink my meals!”

Tara Parker-Pope, who writes the NYT’s Well blog (one of my faves) reported research findings chronicled in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggest that women who regularly enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage gain less weight than female teetotalers.

Before you trade in your carrot sticks for the corkscrew read the article. The study found that the women don’t really eat when they drink; they drink instead of eating. Furthermore, once you’re overweight your metabolism behaves more efficiently. This is a nice way of saying your flab will not work with you but against you. If you are overweight and drink a glass of wine you are likely to gain more weight and you are probably packing the extra calories from high calorie edibles.

So, pick up the carrots… and the corkscrew.


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