How To Be A Good Buffalo News Online Reader Commenter

At the online journalism panel discussion, an audience member asked Brian Connolly, Web Editor for The Buffalo News, what is the Buffalo News doing to manage racially incendiary comments posted by readers?

That was a good question. Mr. Connolly acknowledged the reader comment policy outlining guidelines posted beneath each article, the availability for readers to “flag” comments that are inappropriate and the presence of news staff responsible for swift deletion of inappropriate material.

The Buffalo News is doing its very best to monitor inappropriate responses.

Reader comment moderation is a challenge online news and bloggers are continuously faced with. Each online outlet regulates the comments of its readers but no one follows a universal set of rules. For the most part, comment moderation is determined at the discretion of the online news outlet and blogger.

With that being said, I think a few tips on “How to Be A Good Buffalo News Online Reader Commenter ” are necessary. I’m not kidding.

The framework of online newspapers, webzines and blogs promotes social exchange and discourse. I am an enthusiastic advocate for community cyber activism, blogging and new media usage.

I am not an advocate for cyber user/comment thuggery.

Before you can write you have to learn to read and comprehend.

Here are a few tips for The Buffalo News Online Reader Commenter.

1. Please read the article carefully. Look up words you don’t understand.

2. Keep the dictionary window open at all times. Also, use spell check.

3. Don’t write in slang or what you perceive to be “street talk” or ‘hood speak.

4. Please make a point; add something to the conversation not just a snarky response. Seriously, don’t just post a wise-ass comment. Save it for open mic at the comedy club.

5. Don’t blame EVERYTHING on President Obama, Mayor Brown, Black people or the East Side of Buffalo.


Dear Buffalo News, please forward this to Albert. Thanks.


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