The Anti-Fonzi May Be The Best Facebook App Ever!

Facebook has made several cosmetic changes to its face in the last year leaving  many of its users as befuddled as the changes.  There have been so many, so frequently that Facebook is indistinguishable from one day to the next and has become the Jocelyn Wildenstein of social networks.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

While I continue to be a FB user as it endures its cyber cosmetic surgery, I visit less frequently (every couple of days) and eliminated access to most of the games and goofy applications.

One of the earliest “nose jobs” was the addition of the “Like” button. Now your “friends” are able to send you a virtual “thumbs up” to let you know they like your repartee or video without having to explain why with a comment.

But what do you do if you don’t like the the quip, video or news article posted? You have to post a comment about your disapproval or just pass over it and  suck your teeth in disfavor. There is no “Dislike” button right?

WRONG! Thanks to Thomas Moquet, you may now install an add-on feature called Facebook Dislike 0.2.1. It is a Firefox add-on so you must operate Firefox as your web browser to use the plugin and your friends must do the same. This nifty little gem works within the Facebook application and places the Anti-Fonzi in the row beneath the status update. See here on Mashable’s website.

So switch to Firefox (Firefox is not paying me for this endorsement) as your web browser, tell your friends to do the same and add the plugin. Warning, you will find out what your friends really think about your posts so you might need to build a virtual thick skin.

Don’t let the “thumbs down” get you down. They are your Facebook friends right? You can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends.


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