“Good Hair” Same Same Ol’ Sex

I have not seen Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” nor do I wish to do so.

I have seen all I really need to see of his comedic documentary from the trailer below.

The Buffalo News also recently weighed in with an ineffectual webcast of local women who succumb to “Good Hair”.

You have heard the phrase “Blondes have more fun!” right?

Well, one thing I learned from viewing Mr. Rock’s composite is that Black women wearing imported or relaxed hair aren’t really having that much fun in bed or at the bank so it seems.

Between the cost of weaves and relaxers ranging between hundreds to thousands of dollars and numerous hours getting some poor Indian women’s hair sewn to her scalp or avoiding chemical burn, it’s a marvel that a sister has the energy or the time to have sex.

The understood yet unrecorded 11th commandment is “Do not touch the weave.”

Nia Long divulges that “Weave sex is a little awkward.” When Chris Rock asks her what she “does”, she quips, “I guess stay on top.”

The gentleman at the end of the clip suggests that a man keeps his hands on the breasts while having sex with a woman who wears a weave.

Well, you can accomplish two or three positions of the kamsutra and it’s over. Goodnight.

My relationship with my hair is uncomplicated. I get my hair cut at the barbershop. I spend $12-15 per month on my hair.  I shave my head.  As it grows, I wear it natural until I have to return to the barbershop to be shorn again. I must mention that both the barbers and the customers (mostly male) compliment me on my bald head.

I am no less attractive to men, believe me when I tell you.

Ladies, free your mind, your wallet, your schedule and your inhibitions. The rest will follow. They WILL follow. Trust me.

Don’t you want to have fun too?


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  1. interesting video…

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