WDOO (What Does Obama Order)

I think C-Span needs remedial journalism classes. Apparently they have forgotten what is news and what is not. The 8:24 video below covers the President as he orders lunch and talks to patrons (with his mouth full I might add) at a Five Guys restaurant in Washington D. C.

I understand the fascination with President Obama. I’m fascinated too. However I could do without the lunch order coverage, especially 8:24 of it. Doesn’t C-Span have a video editor? Can’t the guy go for lunch just one day without America watching it on cable news? Sometimes I think C-Span hires Hollywood paparazzi, I swear!

How soon before we see coverage of the President making a midnight run to satisfy the First Lady’s PMS cravings?

Next time Mr. President, do yourself and us a favor. I know you like to get out everyonce in awhile but could you fax the lunch order next time? It’s quicker.


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