McDonald’s Urban Flavor

McDonald’s new ad campaign for its new McCafé product line is permeating all media outlets from television to the internet. Coffee and coffee-type beverages such as mochas and cappucinos are big business and have mass appeal. Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are undoubtedly popular coffee shops throughout the United States and abroad. Starbucks has a certain middle-income/upper-income/white collar appeal while Dunkin’ Donuts seems to appeal to lower-income/middle-income/blue collar consumers.

I recently saw a commercial for McCafé featuring R & B artist Dwele.

The smooth groove music and jazz club atmosphere with a Black audience appealed to me. The advertising worked for me. This afternoon I decided to go to McDonald’s and try one. I ordered via through the drive-thru speaker and pulled up to the window to pick up my McCafé Hot Mocha. I watched as a young African-American girl carefully placed a cup under the hi-tech McCafé machine and my prepared beverage poured forth. Then the young woman decorated my mocha with whipped cream and delicately drizzled chocolate sauce atop of it. I reached out of my car window, thanked her and she gleefully  placed the mocha in my hands. Yes, I said gleefully! I took a sip and the mocha was hot, sweet and delicious. It was a lovely consumer moment.

I began to think about other McDonald’s marketing efforts and wondered why the franchise has been so successful in marketing to Black and Hispanic consumers. Who are the people behind this marketing campaign?

Hooray for Google! With a few search words and a click I had my answer. Burrell Communications are the wizards behind the McCafé blitz. This African-American owned marketing company states a very simple and effective approach, “We began by targeting consumers ignored by everyone to learn the secret of reaching anyone.” What a novel concept! Burell’s ad campaigns embrace a distinctive urban and everyday flair that is familiar to multi-ethnic consumers.

Burrell Communications focuses more on culture and lifestyle of consumers as its base and not so much on the income of consumers. The Target Market Burrell press release delves a bit more into their understanding of multi-cultural target marketing.

Being a consumer is more than getting the best bang for your buck. The next time you see an ad that appeals to you, you may want to ask yourself, “Who’s the wizard?”

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  1. Thanks for this. I’m passing it on to the creative department that produced it.

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