Bristol Palin Is 100% Ineffective Against Pregnancy Prevention

Bristol Palin is the new ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation, an organization that fights against teen pregnancy.  Yes, I did say Candie’s. Yes, it falls under the umbrella of the Candie’s company that manufactures the funky high-heeled sandals. I love the shoes but I digress.

Ms. Palin made an appearance on the Today show encouraging abstinence as the only 100% method to prevention unwanted teen pregnancy. Clearly Ms. Palin didn’t take the advice that she is encouraging other teens to follow.

I know that teen pregnancy is a problem but I don’t see how any teen mother is really an effective role model for pregnancy prevention for girls or boys.  Do you expect any teen to take Bristol Palin serioulsy when she states with conviction that abstinence is the only 100% method which will prevent teen pregnancy as she cradles her sleeping newborn in her arms while her ex-boyfriend Levi says, “Abstinence is stupid!”. I’m paraphrasing but you get my drift.

Why not change the trend and promote safe and healthy alternatives to abstinence, accessible and accurate medical information and coach parents and  children how to dialogue about sex education with each other as well as the family physician and/or nurse practitioner?

I’ll probably get some “inspired” responses to what I’ll say next. Brace yourselves. In 1993 President Bill Clinton appointed Dr. Joycelyn Elders as the nation’s first African American Surgeon General. In 1994 Dr. Elders was fired by President Clinton for promoting masturbation as an alternative for teens engaging in risky sexual activity.  Dr. Elders stated, “I think that it (masturbation) is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught.” Hooray for Dr. Elders for keeping it real! Too bad she had to lose a gig over it.

I agreed with Dr. Elders then and I agree with her now. I’m not running for office and I certainly don’t see any political appointments in my future so I can write and speak without reservation.

Today’s teenagers are described as the “me generation”. Why not teach boys AND girls that a little sexual self-gratification is natural and healthy? Why not teach your teen children to begin with “me”?

A skin magazine given to a son by his father or found in his father’s toolbox  is seen as an acceptable right of passage. This scenario has played out in many a film and sitcom right? However with girls, the “hormonal discovery” is rarely if ever portrayed and results in an arrested characterization of a pimply, under-developed or overweight teenage girl who is smart and seemingly asexual. Seriously, I cannot recall a scenario on television or in a movie where an average and under-dramatized teen daughter finds her mother’s vibrator while looking for a purse or tube of lipstick. Well…can you?

My point is that I think a more informative and realistic approach to sex education for teens is needed. Bristol and Levi are not the advice experts  children should be seeking. I understand the concept of peer counseling and it is useful. But Bristol and Levi? C’mon now!

Fathers, redefine “the toolbox” and mothers… create one!

This is just an opinion expressed by one urbane woman.


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